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Estonia is place where time and human beings reconci le: but this is not what I was looking for. Beyond this si ght, my eyes were seeking the calm before the storm. I searched for peacefulness in the suburbs, over the edge of snow, and staying up du ring endless sunsets. Calm in Estonia is not an ordinary tranquillity: it is an inner peace, and inevitably a mere need. The balance which sustains that kind of quiet is delicate: and when it breaks a new life arises from those fractures. This photo album features
landscapes, especially natu ral ones, where the presence of people is very faint notice able in architectures, ruins, paths, and through my lens. Almost half of Estonian ter ritory is covered by forest and woodlands; winter is a tough season, being dark and cold. Despite the short daylight, locals take advan tage from this circumstance. Everything seems to be calm , whereas Estonia is a dyna mic country which finally redeemed its recent past.

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