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White Hole

The research seeks to tell the story of the mythological Pegasus, who wanders above two worlds: the knowable reality and another world. Pegasus is a mythological being that symbolizes the union between human and divine: the product of the union between Poseidon (God of the seas) and Medusa, through the flow of the latter’s blood, beheaded by Perseus, near the ocean. Pegasus is analized using scientific instruments that outline its movement and conformation, getting so far as to study the findings through biological inquiry. Pegasus establishes itself as a reflection on the nature of humanity, on the ability to push itself beyond the boundaries of tangible reality, represented by the natural world, and to embrace the unknown with the hope of discovering what lies between the folds of the cosmos and one’s own inner reality. Pegasus is kind of a wayfarer through which we can cross the unknown (black hole) and reach another reality (white hole) which is just a theory.

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